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Nicole Martinez founded The Bridge Miami in 2013 with a vision of offering upcoming artists a venue where they could enrich their potential in the arts and to provide a place where music and arts could co-exist through collaboration. In 2018 Nicole took the next logical step and founded a not-for-profit organization to support this vision and during that same year raised funds to improve the acoustics of the venue and equip with technology necessary it for production and post-production of audio and video recordings of events and individual undertakings.  


Nicole Martinez, founder and Executive Director at The Bridge Miami, earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Music at Florida State University and pursued further education in Music focusing on engineering and the computer sciences achieving a Master of Music in Electronic and Computer Music at the University of Miami. Her education, amongst some of the best in the country, did not provide a clear path to a viable career as an experimental composer, so instead she used learned skills to excel in production and post-production technologies achieving a successful business and career and business owner of Catalyst Media Training Labs where she offers consulting and sound/video training services to television networks and broadcasters around the globe.

As the founder and first source of financial support for The Bridge Miami, she makes it possible for local musicians, performers and visual artists who love and are committed to their craft to create their own career paths towards viable employment in the arts that was not afforded to her upon graduation from esteemed higher learning institutions.

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