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Recording Studio

A studio for musicians built by musicians; we cater to South Florida's talented community who always feel at home at The Bridge Miami. Featuring a unique collection of analog gear along with a DAW, The Bridge Miami sponsors local musicians in our mission to support artists in a studio with a vintage philosophy. With help from our in house engineers and sister studio, City of Progress we deliver excellence that's actually affordable. 

  • Analog Console
    Trident 65 - Vintage 1980's 36 Track Analog Console with a classic sound.
  • Analog Tape
    OTARI MX70 - 16 Track, 1 Inch SOUNDCRAFT 760 - 16 Track, 2 Inch TASCAM TSR8 - 8 Track, 1/2 Inch TEAC 3440 - 4 Track, 1/4 Inch OTARI MX 40 - 2 Track, 1/4 Inch MCI JH 110A - 2 Track, 1/4 Inch AKAI GX 4000G - 2 Track 1/4 Inch
  • OpAmp Labs Console
    Early 1970s custom made 22x4 channel OpAmp Labs console with inductor based EQ, lovingly restored by Omar Garcia at Browner Sound.
  • Vintage Keys & Cabs
    Hammond B3 Organ Hammond Tone Cabinet Leslie 122 Leslie 31A Wurlitzer 112 Electric Piano Yamaha CP30 Electric Piano Fender Rhodes Realistic MG1 Moog
  • DAW
    ProTools 001 LE Apogee Rosetta 800
  • Microhpones
    Octava ML 51 Ribbon Sure 315 Ribbon Blue Spark Condsendsor CAD Equitec E200 Condensor Audio Technica 4041 Small Diaghram condensor pair 2x at pro 25 dynamic tomom
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